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11029Re: [probe_control] Adonis First And Last

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  • John
    Mar 27, 2014
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      Yes...I have to agree with Bianco's filmed but cut dialog about running right up the side of her console.

      I'm sure that's only me of course...

      On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 5:05 PM, Rick Cortez <rick_cortez68@...> wrote:

      and Ginny Golden looked good besides her white uniform coat was also her brown long sleeved ribbed knitted turtleneck sweater too

      On Thursday, March 27, 2014 11:09 AM, John <actingman6@...> wrote:

      Watching in production order, I have learned that Adonis File was the first episode to have the "boop-boop" sound effects when the episode credits appeared on the screen (Tonight    XXXX XXXX Starring in,  Search: XXXX XXXXX XXXXX, Written by, Directed by.)

      I thought it was something they did or didn't do depending on the content of the opening, but it wasn't.  They didn't start it until Adonis.

      And Adonis was the last episode to have Ginny Golden.  With the clear images I can see that in the wide shots, she would be listening to what Cameron was saying and reacting (usually laughing as he started yelling at the agents at the end of the episodes running off with a woman.)  The others would just be sitting there.  The only time I remember more of them reacting was when Cameron says in Live Men "Amazing...whoever did that could engrave the Marseillaise on the head of a pin."

      As the old saying goes: "Acting is reacting."

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