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10904battery to audio overload.

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  • gf willmetts
    Mar 16, 2014
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      Hello Don

            Re: hearing aid batteries. I’ve been watching ‘The Bionic Woman’ boxset lately and in the audio commentaries and I think it was Kenny Johnson who pointed out that Rudy Wells was putting a battery in Jaime’s ear. With the schematic, I tended to think this was just a final component that they could add at the end of surgery. Back in the 70s, I suppose a computer battery of that size was the only thing that looked high-tech without costing the earth.

            When applied to ‘Search’, I don’t suppose the earjack would look much different to a battery anyway. The micro-speaker would be against the audio nerve so the sound could be heard. You wouldn’t want anything to elaborate there other than a simple on/off button and maybe a volume control.


      Hello Steve Russell

            Don’t forget ‘Search’ was shown at a time when no one dreamed that one day there would be video recorders, let alone DVD recorders to watch shows again and again and pick out all the mistakes that at best would rush past the average viewer.


      Hello Jeff

            Looking at the opening season of any US show up to the 80s, unless the show-runner was lucky enough to get the right writers, there was a lot of hit and miss in the opening season as various writers did their interpretation of the writer’s bible. Season twos were often a lot stronger because they could see what was out there and the best writers were asked back again or new ones told to pay attention to particular episodes.

            As to spotting the things that look wrong. Apart from us all being more attentive now, we also know where to look. I’m fascinated how my odd stress level can slow down things enough to spot when actors switch back and forth with their stunt doubles.

            Although I never watched ‘Miami Vice’, I did ask that question myself to someone who was a fan. Apparently, the two detectives used the money they retrieved from the bad guys and needed to blend in and not look like cops.

            As to Bond, no matter which regeneration, he is hardly demonstrative as an undercover spy.

            As to how much info Cameron should give the PROBEs, there has to be some discretion. I know some of you have worked in TV, so how much information do newscasters and such hear through their earjacks when talking. Chances are that unless someone directly addresses them, they literally tune it out. With PROBEs, all the info they get is addressed at them but it doesn’t mean they hear it all.



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