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10903Re: adaptable Probe Control ???

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  • jeffhaas2sorrent
    Mar 16, 2014
      You're right...Search did what most science fiction shows do: the technology varies in ability, depending on what the script needs.  I can't think of a single show where you ask the question, "Hey, why didn't they just do..."  Even in movies - Thor 2.  Where was SHIELD?!

      Back to SEARCH...if Probe Control can spot that there's someone else in the room with the Probe ("off-presence") via additional medical readings, why don't they do this all the time?  There's no reason for any Probe exploring a supposedly empty building to ever be surprised that someone else is in there sneaking around.  And they should improve the technology to sense where the off-presence reading is.

      "Lockwood, we're picking up readings from a person about 20 yards Northwest of you."
      "Can you see them?"
      (Beep!  Beep!)
      "OK, be careful..."
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