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10900Re: Leslie Stevens scripts are all the same!

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  • jeffhaas2sorrent
    Mar 16, 2014
      I think another factor was that science fiction still wasn't mainstream and not only did the audience not "get" it, but it seems to have been hard to find writers would could craft a good science fiction show within a genre.  Same problem the original Star Trek had.

      So figuring out a good hook for the story, a good mystery with clever twists, and using Probe Control effectively without repeating what had been done in previous episodes (you can't always have them help the Probe pick a lock) is a challenge.

      Of course these days we have lots of science fiction, since a lot of people grew up with it.  Lots of the top box office movies have sci-fi elements in them (or fantasy, as in Harry Potter).  Even so, you still get a lot of weak stories that don't use all the possible elements effectively, and the scripts will fall back on cliches.  Take a look at Intelligence on CBS.  They've got a loose cannon cop, paired up with a straight-laced cop; the loose cannon is always running into a situation on his own, before backup shows up, constantly tossing off wisecracks.  The sci-fi hook is that he's got this chip in his head which gives him access to the web, which lets him visualize situations in unique ways (this part can be fun, especially in the briefings at the top of the show), plus they have a team like Probe Control back at the base.  There's even a character similar to Cameron.  I wanted to like it but I find the main two characters annoying and their loose cannon/straight cop chemistry doesn't work for me.
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