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  • dghprobe3
    Mar 15, 2014
      Bryan said:  "In watching the DVD I've noticed that every once in awhile the image will get a little bright, or much more prevalent a little muddy. Do you know why?"

      I was watching The Adonis File the other night and noticed that some of the film, especially some of the night scenes, had a notable grainy quality, while some of the more brightly lit scenes seemed sharper and less grainy.  In some of the scenes, such as where Mark Elliott spoke with Lockwood in the alley, the film looked a bit handled with a couple of odd ongoing scratches in the image.  In the following scenes of Lockwood pushing Elliott away from the bag of concrete or whatever which was pushed off the building, the film looked more crisp with no scratches and such.  Items like that can change from one scene to the next. 

      I guess because we could never quite see such detail before, what we are seeing are varying degrees of defects in the actual physical print as they existed at the time the negative was made.  What WAC did was master the original negatives directly to digital.  It doesn't appear that they did any extensive remastering as in cleaning out scratches and such. 

      The "Let Us Prey" footage change is the only item I have noticed so far which departs from what we saw in the overseas syndication episodes.  While the shot of the hearing aid battery was okay to get by with for 1972, it would only create groans today, so the change is an improvement which helps the show.  :)

      More extensive remastering could happen later, though, if they decide to release in Blu-ray.

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