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10888Re: [probe_control] Moment of Madness Easter Egg @ 16:02

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Mar 15, 2014
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      Really good catch, Chris! I wonder what the numbers next to their names mean. Random numbers, or another Easter Egg? Cam's is obvious, but the others'?

      And yeah... I missed the old crew as well. The "new crew" reminded me too much of a cross between a tech from 'Man from UNCLE' and someone from 'Mod Squad', or would-be 'Trek' crewmembers: Harris, with his personality, as the Vulcan; Miss James... "Hailing frequencies open, Mr. Cameron." Definitely not the same feel as the first 15 eps.


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           I Just finish watching Moment of Madness. Even though didn't like the Search 73' format as much as the Search 72', this was a really good episode and both Burgess Meredith and Doug do some great work, however this is Burgess Meredith's well deserved episode and he does a fantastic job!!
           Anyway after the first commercial break, at 16:02 you will see in the scene were Mark Callas is waiting for a print out in the Probe Control room. On the print out, it says:  Probe Control 1. Unit 1, Omega VCR Cameron, and then (surprise, surprise) 330-19 Keach, 3462 Harding, 1204 Griffen, 2201 Lobos (Carlos), 1803 Kuroda. LUV IT!! That was no accident by the producers. Awwww, I miss those guys and gals. The Search 73' Probe Control team was just bland with no personalities.

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