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10887Re: Leslie Stevens scripts are all the same!

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  • dghprobe3
    Mar 15, 2014
      In the John Strong interviews Jim conducted, Strong stated that Leslie Stevens wanted Search to be a romantic crime caper with high tech elements.  Similar to It Takes a Thief and The Wild Wild West, there were many shows of that era where the hero had a new girlfriend every week.  Plus the James Bond movies were a heavy influence on all of TV and other media at the time.  However, at the same time, NBC wanted Search to be a more serious detective show, like Cannon, and less sci-fi.

      Variety Review of "One of Our Probes" & "Short Circuit":
      "...Both Franciosa and McClure play their parts with an eye for the
      ladies, which presumably makes the skein more adult in content, but
      their forays among the femmes is more clich├ęd than persuasive..."

      Among the good things about the format change in the last eight episodes was that a good bit of the romantic cliches were dropped and/or subdued.

      The earliest Search episodes do have a nice energy and confidence about them, even if there is a lack of logic at times. But as things went on, changes came about, and not all for the better. Eventually they thought the solution was to de-emphasize Probe Control and have the agent do more and more on his own, which appealed to the ego of the stars, but also sorta defeated the purpose of the format.

      I guess it was the combination of network and studio interference, actor interference, critic interference, and so on and on. By the time they decided they should try to please everyone, the episodes became more bland, more standardized, more "Quinn Martinized," even though there were a few good ones among the final eight.
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