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10881RE: [probe_control] WSC & Probe today

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  • Michael Beacom
    Mar 15, 2014

      There are two considerations here: one is keeping ahead of the tech curve, the other is storytelling.


      A supersmartphone or something that can be taken away (like the scanner did) makes good storytelling. Now our hero is cut off, and must fend for himself, then conveniently recovers the scanner in time for the conclusion.


      To really keep ahead of the tech curve I would make it an entirely neural implant, with Probe Control seeing through instruments inside of the Probe’s actual eyes, and perhaps with the ability to feed such information back via corneal implants, etc. Nothing that would be found in a pat down search, they’d have to MRI the Probe Agent to find anything.


      Michael B



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      I can equipping agents with smart phones as backup cameras & for PC contact.

      I can see ear & dental implants done today

      & maybe hide scanner in watch, tie clip, eyeglasses, vest, womens jewelry

      & I can see women Probe agents & ethnic agents IE

      Indian, Chinese, Arab, etc


      WSC can have Probe Controls in US, EU, Asia.


      Cameron would have CD & DVD file for

       data & fax like line for data.& tap the Internet.


      Id be awesome today with agents driving latest model cars etc.


      Show titles:


      "Search The New Missions.

      Return to Search

      Probe 1.

      Probe Control 1."


      Be ideal for the Internet generation alone,


      Probe  problems for Today:


      computer virus.

      ID theft

      vs when show aired then but postulated about


      Short Circuit.


      Love to see Grover in a 2014 Vette, be radical.


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