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  • gf willmetts
    Mar 15, 2014

      Hello John

            You would practice surgery on your wife??!!

            I suspect the read-outs we saw on the screens in PROBE were a big part of the budget in 1972 when you consider computers were still pretty expensive. Considering we didn’t see many of the screens later, tends to suggest even those pictures were probably rented.

            We never saw the criteria for World Securities to recruit people. I mean, if you just look at the PROBES, neither Lockwood or Grover were trained detectives and the most common trait was being able to get in on the action. In many respects, Bianco would be seen as a maverick cop but effective. For Control staff, you would want people who had to be qualified beyond the consoles. After all, with multi-million dollar equipment, you didn’t really want idiots playing with it. If the show had continued, it would have been interesting had some of the telemetry broken down and control staff had to rely on pictures and sound alone to give an assessment.


      Hello Steve Russell

            As to promotions. Only Gloria seemed overtly ambitious. Having Burrell linked up does suggest some can do double duty for particular missions or for field experience or do control duties as they are taken off of them.

            I remember Bianco saying he trained Burrell so it sounds like some detective practices are taught in house.

            As to the Control placement. I often wonder if they moved it onto a higher floor than the basement as a means to show how important the division was. Had they been in the basement, I suspect it would have been harder for Byron to have kidnapped Cameron in ‘Moment Of Madness’.

            As to ‘Moonrock’. I suspect NASA would have been handed the bill for the 747.


      Hello Bryan

            I agree about the Writer’s Bible. There has to be one on record at Warner’s.




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