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  • Marta Dawes
    Dec 1 6:33 AM
      I've permanently changed my email address to mirror our new domain name,
      so it is now marta@.... If you have me in any address
      books, please change it to this new address. This way I can pick up
      email either on the net or at home, which will be nice.


      Home of
      "The Graveyards of Omaha"
      "The New Twilight Zone"

      as well as
      "Memories of the Indian Hills Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska"
      The last round Super-Cinerama theatre in the world
      Demolished for absolutely no reason by Methodist Health Systems

      Sign the Petition to protest the demolition of the Indian Hills Online!

      Call Stephen Long, CEO of Methodist, at 402-354-4000 and tell him the
      theatre should have been reopened as a working film venue.

      Email comments@..., Methodist's website, and tell them the
      theatre should have been saved, and pass the email address and phone
      number on to everyone you know!

      And ---
      Join the Indian Hills and Cinerama and Widescreen Discussion Group

      Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley Discussion Group