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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Dec 25, 2013
      This might also explain why Nelson wore what was very close to authentic Navy khakis, with his 4 stars on both collars. If he retired, (honorably, of course) then he could wear his uniform whenever he wished. The key is you have to have served in the military and been honorably released/discharged/retired. (This is why you'll see many people in their late 90s wearing their military uniforms when attending parades and such. They're entitled to.)

      Crane "could maybe have" worn his Navy uniform since he was honorably released, but chose to wear the NIMR uniform to blend in with the rest of SEAVIEW's officers. (Again, this is where I'd love to see the "Writers' Bible" for that show.)


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      Both of those instances were done because of a federal law which states that only people actually in the military get to wear military uniforms and insignia. Television and movies get around this simply by altering the official uniform and declaring it a costume. If you view any movie, television show or play which shows people in military uniform, there is always at least ONE piece of insignia out of place, not worn (as in the case of the Transportation branch insignia on the collars of the Seaview officers; and some sort of insignia on the Chief's collar which really isn't Naval insignia) and on the seamen uniforms, something which looks like Navy stripes but are not really.
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