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  • gf willmetts
    Dec 25 3:19 AM

      Hello Mike

            That’s very useful information to know. I’m not an authority enough to know if they do such a thing with material this side of the pond.

            Does this also apply to medals and ribbons?? Years ago, I looked at what the ribbons on Steve Austin’s uniform to see what they actually were and they included flying the SR-71, which when you consider that was used for training shuttle pilots would have been expected. All the other ribbons seemed to match what I would expect from someone moving up from combat missions to test pilot to astronaut.


      Hello Dino

            I’m written all kinds of things, including technical manuals way above my grade. Everything is a matter of moderation to whom you’re writing for and making sure they understand what you’ve writing about.

            Re: Dreyfuss. Let’s be polite and the press described it as running with his tail between his legs because he bottled it, mostly because he realised he wasn’t physically up to it.


            Although the reports on the Net say it was physical, I doubt if it was on the same level as other musicals we have running over here. I doubt if he’d be given a demanding physical role in a musical at his age.


            Re: Extras. Even Tom Baker admits he was too much into the role at that time and wasn’t happy to have a new companion. I never said our lot were totally perfect. It’s interesting with the extras with early ‘Who’ stories where the directors tended to select actors whom they’ve worked with before for certain roles because it always made me wonder how anyone new got introduced.


            Re: Downton. It’s also a historical piece. How many current American actresses of a particular age do that, especially with modern day teeth caps which look far too white. Some British older actresses say they’ve got parts in the USA simply because they have natural teeth.


            Re: Mary Whitehouse. A lot of the time, directors took it as a deliberate challenge to see how far they could go. The USA has gotten to the stage where something is going to break sooner or later. An ex-US reporter I once knew said anything is likely to offend someone. Over here we have a few comedians who can be offensive at everything but, for the most part, they don’t pick out any one group, they just see everyone in the public eye as a target.


            Re: Seaview. Considering its spaciousness, you would think if the CO2 filters broke down, they’d breathe naturally for a week before there was a problem.


            Back in the 70s, ‘Man From An Atlantis’ had a big following over here and maybe other parts of the world. My main problem with it was too much Mr. Schubert!! Maybe the damp Duffy was for outside of the States??




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