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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Dec 24 1:22 PM

      As you've noticed, I can certainly write. I did create a number of tech and operator manuals in my career, so I did get some practice in.

      Acting: I never knew that about Dreyfuss. (But then he probably didn't mention that in many interviews, if any.)
      "The Two Doctors" DVD: I Love those extras, on any DVD. But I think the coolness of the actors regarding interruptions, line flubs, re-takes, etc. all depends on the actors. Both US and UK have their share of - shall we say, tantrum actors? - when it comes to that. Obviously they had a good bunch when doing "The Two Doctors". When watching the extras on Tom Baker's "The Horror of Fang Rock", during the setting up for re-takes, Baker was not the most pleasant person: cursing and swearing at just about everyone. Even Louise Jameson was getting irritated (I think more at Baker's irritability).
      I've heard that William Shatner was also one to get irritated when it came to re-takes (though both Shatner and Baker seem to have mellowed with age). Mostly, though, everyone seems to take it in stride.

      Downton and MacClaine: Not sure why they decided to go with an actual American actress for that role, other than figuring since they had one American actress in the series, why not go for authenticity and get another American to play the younger American's mother? I know UK actors can do great American accents, but there may be subtle mannerisms that American's do naturally that UK actors just aren't familiar with, or can't make it look natural. (Totally guessing there.)

      Safe TV: (That should be a channel unto itself!) I know that, you know that, and probably everyone on this list knows that. Problem is, we have a country full of "Mary Whitehouses" both in the film industry, the general public, and our FCC's positions of authority. If someone makes a complaint that a show did something that offended them, all hell breaks loose. Every so often it is a legitimate issue - such as what's going on now with that embarrassingly sickening 'Duck Dynasty' show. But when Sit-Coms can't use a joke that's funny because "it might offend someone" or a show goes out and something in the episode isn't to someone's liking, the complaints fly. Your lot may have looked at Mary Whitehouse as a joke (and from the interviews I'd seen with her before she passed, she certainly sounded like one), but when you have a country full of her clones, and other people afraid to do things for fear of offending those clones, you get the crappy shows like we seem to be full of. now, not all of our shows are crappy, but more than there were, say, 20 or 30 years ago before "political correctness" came about.

      Scrumpy: Treat it like a whiskey, then. No wonder that one pub owner on Rick Steves' show said no one gets into fights when drinking scrumpy, because after one glass the'yre all asleep!

      SEAVIEW and Nelson: I think I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that Nelson could have been a billionaire (though, I never mentioned HOW he got to be one, so you do have me there).
      As to SEAVIEW's interior, she was supposed to have been quite large, and that aside, Irwin Allen always applied the TARDIS aspect to his ships, be they subs or space ships. The Jupiter 2 ended up with THREE decks in Season 3 of LIS, and the Power Core Deck alone was enough to fill the ship's interior. So the large spaces within SEAVIEW need to be taken with a ladleful of salt. (Now, if SEAVIEW was about the size of a Russian TYPHOON class, then maybe they could have built the interior as spacious as SEAVIEW's.)

      Wet people: I think you've got it nailed there!

      The soaked Duffy link to 'Atlantis': If 'Atlantis' was a little more popular - as in watched by more people - then I'd say maybe. But with 'Atlantis' having little (to almost no) following today, I doubt at the time anyone would have made the connection. It's tentative at best.


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      Hello Dino
            I think most humans can write, especially on the Net. For the record, I was also a quality control scientist for nearly 20 years. I just have a wide range of interests. As a writer, knowledge is power.
            Re: acting. A couple years back Richard Drefuss had been hired to come over here to do a stage musical but after some rehearsals scarpered back to the States because he realised his limitations.
            I’ve been watching the extras DVD with ‘The Two Doctors’ story from ‘Doctor Who’. What was fascinating was two half hours showing the filming of studio and location scenes with various interruptions and where the actors showed quiet patience, retook their marks and did it again. No bitching. If anything, it demonstrates you have to keep your cool and realise that anyone can make a mistake and just get on with it. It would be interesting to see a US comparison, assuming it was kept.
            Re: Downton and MacClaine. As I said, I don’t watch it. Considering how our lot can do accents, a Brit could have done it but there must have been an eye on the US market by using a real one.
            TV should never be that safe. Over here, when Mary Whitehouse was in full swing the shows didn’t lose viewers but gained them so we didn’t care and just treated her as a joke.
            Re: Scrumpy. The real rough stuff can take the varnish off the floor. You wouldn’t drink a pint but a tot and sip it. Back in my youth, you could always pick out the regular older cider drinkers because their noses were a permanent inflated red. Seriously.
            Re: Seaview. One thing you didn’t consider is Nelson might have come from a wealthy family or made his money from his own inventions. Anyone who designed the Seaview and Flying Sub must own a stack of patents.
            Don’t forget back in the 60s, no one had any real idea about futuristic subs. Compared to the real thing, the Seaview was far too roomy inside.
            Re: wet people. Is that why wet tee-shirt contests are so popular your side of the pond??
            I never mentioned anything about Atlantis being successful, only the link to remind people where they saw Duffy last.

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