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  • martin allen
    Dec 24, 2013
      Hi Geoff, Dino and all;
        No matter why the Dallas producers chose to put Patrick Duffy in the shower for his big 'reveal', it should be noted his kids never let up on him about it, not for years--they always said (tongue firmly in cheek) that it wasn't Bobby in the shower at all, but 'Mark Harris' simply popping up from another one of those 'underwater dimension holes' that the last few episodes of the Man From Atlantis was plagued with.  
        Speaking of That Waste Of Celluloid, did anyone out there ever see the last two episodes of MFA on NBC? They were so awful as to not be believed--the one with Ted Neeley was unbelievably sloppy. He was some sort of outer-space con man, being chased by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as 'Thark', a prospector hunting for invisible gold, and like Dave Barry always says, 'I swear to you I am not making this up', there was also some sort of pantomime dragon in it, which made the big pink one in Mind Of Evil look good...
        The editing on this thing was also way off--you could plainly hear Neely all but shout out a 'Jesus Christ!'  when he walked off stage after being confronted by the not too scary panto dragon.
        Couldn't have said it better than 'writing by comittee'--it didn't work on Star Trek V, nor the rest of the franchise, it doesn't work now.
        To me, the big problem with American acting is that, they still seem to be teaching a version of the Method. I'm no big fan of Method acting, I 'm not above borrowing bits and bobs of it, but it should be remembered that it was designed by a Russian, FOR Russians--some bits just don't translate...
        But I digress--Method doesn't really work in today's film world where you might be shooting so far out of order, your character dies on his first day--or, you could be working on more than one episode in the same day-- too much reliance on 'Method' has ruined many a fine actor--it made a basket case out of Brando, long before he started bloating. Tony Fanciosa's devotion to the Method made him really difficult to work with sometimes.
        I think the reason so many British actors try and get on over here, is not just the money, but also the fact that they can just get on with it, hit their marks and best of all, leave their character in the dressing room at the end of the day. Producers like that. Saves money.
      PS Dino: drop me a line on the other channel--got an update for you...
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      Hello Dino

            Re: any sort of semantics??!! That tends to suggest you can’t articulate which you clearly can do.

            Over here, actors develop their skills on stage and many actually prefer it that way because it allows interaction with the audience and can modify their performance. Some of your actors follow a similar route, seeing TV or film as a means to pay for the comparatively low wages of stage work. In the States, your people get pigeon-holed too early now to adapt. I’ve never watched ‘Downton Abbey’, although considering they pulled Shirley MacClaine I couldn’t help wonder if it was to boost a sale to the USA.

            One of the failings I think US shows currently have is writing by committee. Yes, it works well for continuity purposes but when the showrunner moves on or takes a back seat, those that are left tend to flounder and are afraid to do anything drastic.


            Re: scrumpy. It’s rather akin to American moonshine and not made legally. Your daughter would have to be out in the sticks to even hear about someone selling some.


            Re: Knight Rider Conventions. This link might help: http://knightrideronline.com/news/

            Re: Mustang KITT. That sounds like all the wrong reasons to choose the car.

            The C5 plane is something like the current ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ plane. It would never do vertical take-off like that in real life because the torque forces would tear the wings off. Dialogue over-lays like that are nothing new. It’s been done a lot over the years in other series whenever they want to see if people are paying attention.


            Re: Seaview. I’m not entirely sure how far ‘retired’ means in the States. Having him and Crane seen that way would mean the USN would be off the hook for anything they do. Don’t forget, the reality was supposed to be in the late 70s in their timeline.

            I think you’d have to give examples of when other subs overtook Seaview because I can’t recall them. They were chased and attacked from time to time but with submarine battles it’s less about speed and more about vector and being in the right place.


            Re: Dallas. Except, the show was about oil and money, not about getting a dunking which is why I thought Duffy was done that way to remind people what he’d done last. We should be grateful that Hagman wasn’t shown with an oil lamp.



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      You're probably right about the multi-guest stars thing. (I normally didn't watch either 'Diagnosis Murder' or 'Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues', but I had to watch those episodes when I saw who was guest starring in them!)

      Semantics - of any kind: As you've probably guessed, I suck at it.

      Acting: I'm going with your hunch that lots of British actors are in key US TV roles because of better experience, and the actual ability to act! We do have some good American actors, but most are so young that they have little experience, and I wonder where they learned how to act (because they don't know how to!). It seems to be a trend these days here that only young people with good looks (again with a few exceptions) are the only ones getting acting jobs. Your lot don't seem to care about age, or looks; you go for what counts: TALENT! Your actors look like REAL people, not pre-fabbed 'Kens and Barbies'. (If you want nightmares, just think of what it would be like if Hollywood decided to do a US version of 'Downton Abby'!) We've pretty well fracked up every UK show we've tried to copy: the producers try to Americanize it; the writers they hire just can't write it; the actors they hire are all wrong for the parts (but they're nice to look at!)... Nuff said on that.

      Stereotypes: Both contributing factors. Parents are so busy with their personal agendas that they throw McDonalds at their kids more often than they should, and the kids don't get any exercise because they're just sitting around the TV playing Nintendo (et al) between bites of their Big Macs. Kids (and adults) over here also drink far too much Colas and the like, adding extra sugar - and calories - to the mix. At least when my kids were that age, besides playing video games, they also rode bicycles with their friends, and the wife and I got them into martial arts classes so they could burn off that excess energy. Plus, we never do the fast food thing (unless you count places like Subway). It's never agreed with our inner workings. In contrast to the healthy eating and exercise, take a look at that 'Honey Boo-boo'. (On second thought... don't, but it illustrates some of my case.)

      Drinking: Haven't gotten to try Scrumpy yet. I've heard about it, but so far we haven't been able to find anyplace over here that sells it, not even the dedicated British Foods shops we have in the area. The Evil One didn't try any when she was in the UK; she was too happy with her occasional ale, and the two or three whiskeys she had over the course of her stay.

      KR: So, The Hoff did get to do some skids! That must have been cool; I've heard that some actors really like doing some of their own stunts, insurance aside. And yes; just like with 'Trek' and other SF/Fantasy Conventions, along with Custom Car shows we also have 'Knight Rider' Conventions: KITTs and KARRs out the wazoo! There has never been one within reach for me, but I would be very curious to go to one just to have a browse and take some snaps, and see if any TKR vehicles are there. I have seen some Mustang KITT replicas in one photo that someone posted on the net, but frack me if I can find it again. I think the KR Cons fall under the Hollywood Custom Car Show sub-category, as you'll find a KITT (or KARR) or two at a regular Car Show.
      The Mustang KITT: My guess is they chose it because it was Ford's newest redesign of the Mustang and they wanted as much publicity as they could get for it. And the show was basically an hour-long advert for Ford thanks to KITT's transforming capabilities - turning into just about ANY Ford vehicle. (Also, Ford provided the three main vehicles for the TKR series.)
      Speaking of TKR and their C5 Galaxy transport plane... a C5 - that can perform like a harrier! How cool is that!? Seriously, I don't know why they chose that other than to have a flying garage. As to it being only able to talk... it could fly itself if the auto-pilot was engaged. And some of the things that background computer voice said came from classic productions. In one episode it called for crewmembers "Dave bowman and Frank Poole" to report to someplace (those were the main characters in "2001: A Space Odyssey"). In another episode it called them again, along with 'Richard Daystrom' (the scientist from 'ST: TOS' that invented the Enterprise's duotronic computer, and then the M5 computer that almost destroyed four other starships). In another episode it called for damage control crew, reporting "There is a blowout in Damper Three" (dialogue from the opening credits to 'The Six Million Dollar Man' series). There are probably others, but those are the ones that stick out in my mind. If I ever get the DVDs, I'll listen for others.

      MG: Here it's like a skateboard.

      'Galactica' flipped footage: Yeah, I noticed that. So did the grumbling people I heard. (It only made their grumbling worse.)

      'Star Wars' fuss: Your guess is as good as mine there. ???

      SEAVIEW: Nelson was "supposed" to be retired. In the pilot episode, at the end Crane (who was on loan from the Navy) gets a letter from the Navy saying he's being discharged so he can remain as full-time captain of SEAVIEW; so there's at least two people who aren't still active duty Navy. Morton and Sharkey (and Curly before Sharkey)? Not sure anything was mentioned in dialogue about them. Morton's uniform was certainly Navy. Curly's and Sharkey's were not standard Navy uniforms, at least their insignia weren't.
      I don't remember SEAVIEW being the "fastest" sub; other subs on occasion could overtake her. However she could go deeper than any sub of her time as seen in a few episodes (through the use of stock footage, of course).

      New UNCLE Film: We're on the same page there, though I still enjoyed "The Fifteen Years Later Affair".

      Duffy soaking wet in the Dallas opening credits: Well... if an attractive soaking wet woman appeals to guys and draws them in, then why not use an attractive, soaking wet guy to draw in the ladies? (Any attractive, soaking wet guy would probably appeal to many of them. This time it just happened to be Duffy. I'm writing that one off as coincidence.)


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      Hello Dino
            A lot of the reasons for those multi-guest stars is to attract viewers they might not normally have in the same way they do when they include sports people.
            I thought I explained to you that General Semantics is to do with the meaning behind words not the words themselves which is semantics. It’s a vital difference.
            Re: acting. We only see a sampling of US shows over here but even from those, it’s getting pretty obvious that there’s a lot of British actors in key roles these days over there. Any idea why?? Better acting skill or them prepared to do anything??
            Re: stereotypes. I know a lot of you people are slim as well but it’s a losing battle with the fast food and large proportions. It’s that and not enough exercise which causes the weight problem not video games. By the by, I’m a mean player on Unreal Tournament.
            I had a thought about why those specific questions were asked and I suspect it’s mostly because we don’t see many Americans over here. As to your drinking habits, I bet you’ve never drank real scrumpy. That’s farmhouse cider, like syrup and no fizz and a kick that’ll have you counting your teeth and you should only drink a small drop of the stuff. No, I haven’t drank it. I had to abstain because of diabetes and had a bad reaction with apples at the time, but it was also good for cleaning floors as well. :-)
            Re: Knight Rider. The original complete boxset can be bought for about $50 now. Give another few months, it’ll probably drop lower than that.
            Hasselhoff got his practice in doing the skid turns according to Jack Gill.
            Re: replica KITT. I wish I had a camera at the time. According to one of the KR books, they have regular conventions Stateside with people bringing in their own KITTs.
            Re: the Mustang. I was always puzzled why they chose it as I agree about its weight. The Team Knight Rider transport couldn’t do much beyond talking.
            Re: MG Midget. That’s just a standard sports car over here.
                  Re: Galactica. They also flipped the footage so it would go the other way as well.
                  Re: Star Wars. I do wonder if it was Fox than Lucas who made the most fuss.
                  Re: Seaview. Considering that Nelson, Crane, Morton and Sharkey still had their commissions, that was pretty obvious. For its size, the Seaview was also supposed to be the fastest sub as well.
                  Re: new UNCLE film. Your guess is as good as mine. Like you, I have to wait for a DVD release. The Return Of- was far too much like a parody.
                  Re: Duffy in Dallas. Can you think of any other reason why he was soaking wet??

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