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  • gf willmetts
    Dec 23, 2013
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      Hello Dino

            A lot of the reasons for those multi-guest stars is to attract viewers they might not normally have in the same way they do when they include sports people.


            I thought I explained to you that General Semantics is to do with the meaning behind words not the words themselves which is semantics. It’s a vital difference.

            Re: acting. We only see a sampling of US shows over here but even from those, it’s getting pretty obvious that there’s a lot of British actors in key roles these days over there. Any idea why?? Better acting skill or them prepared to do anything??


            Re: stereotypes. I know a lot of you people are slim as well but it’s a losing battle with the fast food and large proportions. It’s that and not enough exercise which causes the weight problem not video games. By the by, I’m a mean player on Unreal Tournament.

            I had a thought about why those specific questions were asked and I suspect it’s mostly because we don’t see many Americans over here. As to your drinking habits, I bet you’ve never drank real scrumpy. That’s farmhouse cider, like syrup and no fizz and a kick that’ll have you counting your teeth and you should only drink a small drop of the stuff. No, I haven’t drank it. I had to abstain because of diabetes and had a bad reaction with apples at the time, but it was also good for cleaning floors as well. :-)

            Re: Knight Rider. The original complete boxset can be bought for about $50 now. Give another few months, it’ll probably drop lower than that.

            Hasselhoff got his practice in doing the skid turns according to Jack Gill.

            Re: replica KITT. I wish I had a camera at the time. According to one of the KR books, they have regular conventions Stateside with people bringing in their own KITTs.

            Re: the Mustang. I was always puzzled why they chose it as I agree about its weight. The Team Knight Rider transport couldn’t do much beyond talking.

            Re: MG Midget. That’s just a standard sports car over here.

                  Re: Galactica. They also flipped the footage so it would go the other way as well.

                  Re: Star Wars. I do wonder if it was Fox than Lucas who made the most fuss.

                  Re: Seaview. Considering that Nelson, Crane, Morton and Sharkey still had their commissions, that was pretty obvious. For its size, the Seaview was also supposed to be the fastest sub as well.

                  Re: new UNCLE film. Your guess is as good as mine. Like you, I have to wait for a DVD release. The Return Of- was far too much like a parody.

                  Re: Duffy in Dallas. Can you think of any other reason why he was soaking wet??



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