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  • martin allen
    Dec 23, 2013
          Just read your latest post with great interest--do you still have that Gambler flick? I have been trying to round up (ouch) that thing for a friend for years...
          As to Diagnosis: Murder, didn't they start bringing back a lot of old TV characters in later years? I think the first one was Mike Conners AS 'Joe Mannix' and yes, they pulled yet another slug out of his shoulder at the beginning of the episode...
         While I still had the Starz block, I got to record a couple of Have Guns, again for the same guy, Tony--one of them began with a line that is now unintentionally hilarious--There's a big bash going on in the streets, all around the Hotel Carlton, and the first line, given by an actress playing Vincent Price's wife is: "San Francisco is gay tonight, and we owe it all to you, Mr. Palladin"...took me five minutes to get over that laughing jag...
        Here's my two cents' worth on the repeated 'sound effects' issue and all that--and this time, I know what I'm on about, because it was part of my degree studies.
      --nobody can read this stuff anymore on a squeeze-tease, but look real close on unedited Trek closers and you'll see "Sound effects by the Glen Glenn Company--
         Paramount only leased those tracks--some 'Search' sound fx are on the 'Star Trek sound effects CD--I'm pretty sure I mentioned this, but it was years ago now--and as most of us likely know--short term memory is the first to go...you wouldn't believe how many times the old Fox sound FX reel shows up--it's almost complete, when it doubles for the opening 'music' to the 1968 'Fantastic Voyage'. I used parts of it for a couple of years, back when I was doing the 'mad scientist' (what else?) at the Tallahassee haunted house--hoping someone would call me out on it, but they never did...oh well...back to the whole lease thing: 
         It's like that with the cameras, lights, sound gear--a lot of people think the studios own all that stuff--Nope. They rent it--lowers the overhead and they don't pay for storage. Hollywood led the way for everyone else when it came to out-sourcing.
        More unintentional humor: Look up a cheesy contender for Top Ten Worst Movies Ever--there's one from about 1965 called  "Space Monster". This easily tops "Plan 9" and most of that over-cited ilk by far. This was far, far worse than your usual run-of the-mill space needle in trouble from the get-go flicks--one of the greatest Wastes Of Celluloid Ever. But the inside of the damn ship runs to the tune of the bridge of none other than the USS Enterprise. Beat 'Trek' to that effects reel by about six months, I'd say...

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      Agh! Now I have to Netflix that! Season 4 aired when I was on a Cutter and I missed many episodes because we were underway so much!

      This one I've got to see. I love it when TV shows do things like that. I loved that 'Diagnosis Murder' episode "Castoffs", when they had Vaughn in it, with Patrick Macnee, Robert Culp, and Phil Morris (Greg Morris' son) all playing spies (or former spies) with Barbara Bain also costarring as Cinnamon Carter - reprising her role from the early days of 'Mission: Impossible', and even making reference to her time working for the "IMF". (There was another 'Diagnosis Murder' episode where another actor from a different, older series reprised his role, but I can't for the life of me remember which one. Guess I'll have to look through the episode list for that one - unless someone knows which episode that is.)

      They also did it again in Season 2 of 'Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues'. The episode title was "Dragonswing II", and it starred Vaughn and Macnee again, and also Ian Ogilvy, all as spies/former spies. While their characters weren't any reprisals of former roles, in one scene, Peter Caine (Qwai Chang's son) questions Macnee's character about Ogilvy's character's integrity. I can't remember the exact wording of the question, but it was something like 'Do you really trust him?' Macnee's character just looks at Peter Caine and replies, "Well he's not exactly a 'saint'." (Reference to Ogilvy's season as Simon Templar in 'Return of the Saint'.)

      Which reminds me: I actually broke down and recorded "The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw". I think they made that two-parter just to have fun, and see how many of the old Western TV stars they could squeeze in for cameos. I loved the way they played each character's show's opening theme whenever they appeared: the exception being Hugh O'Brian's 'Wyatt Earp'. They waited until his last scene in the telemovie, and then had what sounded like the original Ken Darby Singers doing their "Oh-oh-oh, Wy-att Earp! Wy-att Earp!" chorus as Earp picked off some bad guys one by one. (That was another applause from the sofa moment.)
      And I remember in a discussion of this one not long ago, and about how many of those Western TV stars they could feasible cameo, and which ones were left out. The late Richard Boone was sadly missing - being mentioned in the Hotel Carleton as the poker game started, with "Lady Li, personal assistant to the late Mr. Paladin" as the dealer. (Lady Li was Kim Li, or 'Hey Girl' from Season 4 of 'Have Gun-Will Travel'; shown as Hey Boy's sister in the late Season 1 episode "Hey Boy's Revenge", where we also learn that Hey Boy's real name is Kim Chan.)
      But in one scene where "Cookie" (played by Paul Brinegar, the original Jim Kelley from 'Wyatt Earp') just finishes an argument with the character called "Sailor", and as Sailor walks away, Cookie does a minute or so monologue - while grilling steaks - that was one groaner after another, as it paid homage to those actors and shows not seen:
      "I would love to give that fool a whiff o' 'Gunsmoke'; run his 'Maverick' butt right off this 'Wagon Train'. 'Course, he's probably 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by some 'Lawman'. I wish Diamond Jim would get rid o' him. He should settle down in some 'Big Valley', build a 'Little House on the Prairie', surrounded by 'High Chaparral'. Oooh, that'd be a real 'Bonanza' for me! I'm gettin' too old for this 'Wild, Wild West'. Oh! Better get those doggies rollin' (referring to his sizzling steaks) before these steaks start turning' into 'Rawhide'!"

      Those were real groaners for me because many of those shows mentioned were filmed - or had several episodes filmed - at Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, AZ, where my mother works part time, in the store called McLintock's Mercantile - which is where Maureen O'Hara runs into near the end of the movie when John Wayne is chasing her through town. (I made a visit there in early November. Great fun! The plane ride was hell on my back, though. But my mum took the weekend off so she could give us a personal tour. So if anyone gets a chance to visit the Studios, take it; you won't be disappointed!)

      No real spoilers there in "Luck of the Draw" where the plot is concerned, or when each actor makes his cameo, so if anyone hasn't seen that telemovie yet, even if you're not real keen on Kenny Rodgers (like me), it's definitely worth a watch for all of the cameos!


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      Don't forget in the 4th season of the A-Team they modified the format slightly so the guys were no longer on the run, but were instead forced to work for a spook played by Robert Vaughn.  The best episode was of course with guest star David McCallum as the bad guy.  They did the entire thing like an episode of UNCLE, complete with the act breaks ending into, and beginning from, an out of focus picture.

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