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10243Re: [probe_control] Keep watching the cameras

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  • martin allen
    Oct 23, 2013
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      Hi Geoff;
         Yeah, those pesky cameras--there are more of them here every day, but not a patch on London. That film about all the cc cameras set there tanked over here, I'm sure you heard.
         I'd like to see what Orwell would have thought of social media--so many people doing Big Brother's job for him...
         I like Clarke's take on ET's visiting here--when asked 'have they ever been here'? He said something like 'in the course of the several billion year history of Earth, almost certainly. In the last several thousand years? Probably not'.
        "This is one of those times I could sure use a big black slab to help me out"...test of your comics knowledge--where did I steal that line from?

      From: gf willmetts <gfwillmetts-2@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 5:48 AM
      Subject: [probe_control] Keep watching the cameras
      Hello Martin
           It’ll be interesting to see where this Yeti programme series will go.
           Where UFOs are concerned, considering so many have camera phones now, you would have thought that there would be more photos of unusual aerial phenomena but the reverse has happened. Maybe people aren’t looking up so much anymore. Then again, it’s also known that digital pictures can be fixed so unlikely to pass scrutiny.
           Scientists are also currently exploring the possibility of whether alien life ever passed through our star system. No hidden Monoliths yet.
      Hello John
           Re: Network. That as well although I didn’t think you folk across the pond would have been familiar with that many of them, especially as so many were in black and white.
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