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  • martin allen
    Oct 21, 2013
      Hi Geoff::
        I'll keep an eye out for the Bigfoot show. I am making a major effort to stay a little more tuned in than the last few years, hence my folowing AOS , Arrow and the newest version of Tomorrow People. Like Rod Taylor keeps saying in 'TheTrain Robbers': Something to do...
        Seems only fair that you guys get the Who's first, it's your show, after all. I well recall how the UK got ST:TNG on tape sometimes before we got it on air. It's OK, I'm not normally the jealous type. I can only think of one time it went the other way--shortly after the DVD range began, we apparently got The Key To Time series in a massive cube-like box set, years before the UK.
        I saw a bear on the road once. It had been roaming around town for a few days and I came across it just after dark. I was on the road home and had just crossed into a less well-lit portion of the road. About 50 yards ahead of me, this Shape suddenly reared up and lumbered off to the side. I remembered what it likely was, slowed down and gave it plenty of room--but it was still a few minutes before the hackles on my neck settled down. I'm the sort who shows respect for Nature by largely staying the hell away from it.

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      Hello Martin
           It’s usually a safe bet that the USA comes after a UK Who release.
           Re: Yeti. There’s a three part series called ‘Bigfoot Files’ on UK’s Channel 4 over the next few weeks. It might show up Stateside. There’s more sightings of such creatures in the Russian tundra than any other part of the world. I doubt it’s a member of the bear family. Hybrids of polar and brown bears already exist and they just look like bears. I doubt if anyone would confuse them with anything else.
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