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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Oct 21, 2013
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      "Feast of Steven" and rumor mills: I agree: both counts. To this day the BBC's given no official statement about why this episode was destroyed - or how. Until someone who was directly involved with the show back then steps forth to say definitively "This is what 'really' happened with that episode..." we'll probably never know.
      I'm not a follower of rumor mills. I don't go out looking for them, but when people start posting things in vast numbers one tends to end up reading a few. (It's sort of like going into a store around Halloween time; try as you may to avoid it, but no matter how hard you do, you'll always bump into a few employees wearing a shirt with some sort of Halloween motif on it.) And while I do admit that what circulates in the rumor mill is "interesting", I never believe it until there is an official statement. (I think my example of which actor will be the "next" Doctor, and the companion that Jenna-Louise Coleman was to play illustrated that.)
      I read the names of all those actors - each one in some form "confirmed" within the rumor mill - who were replacing Matt Smith. And while I admit that several would have made a good choice, I never put any bets on one especially considering that many of the actors suggested weren't even on the BBC's official "consideration" list. Then when Peter Capaldi was officially announced as the 12th Doctor, the rumor mill was in turmoil because they hadn't even considered him as a possibility. The same holds true for Coleman's character: the rumor mill had her confirmed as "Benny" from the comics. Interesting thought? Yes. Fact? No. The BBC said she was "Clara Oswald", and more turmoil filled the rumor mill. (It's almost like those rumor mills find it impossible to believe that they're wrong!)

      Rumor Mills aren't limited to 'Doctor Who'. They were buzzing away because "someone" spotted Leonard Nimoy (not in costume) on the set of "ST: Into Darkness" and had spread word like wildfire that "Old Spock" was in this Trek movie, but a statement that Nimoy released to counter these rumors was that in the last film, all of his scenes were away from the starship sets, and he never got to see the latest incarnation of the Enterprise bridge in person. So he just stopped by to get a first-hand look at it, and that was it. Now, I haven't gotten to see the movie yet (cinema seating doesn't agree with my back), so as far as I'm concerned, BOTH statements are from different rumor mills. And since none of the trailers or TV spots for the film show "Old Spock", I'm inclined to lean (not believe, but lean) towards Nimoy's statement as having more truth than the others. When I finally get to see the film I maybe surprised - J.J. Abrams is known to do that - but I'll wait until then before I believe things one way or another.

      Animating missing 'Doctor Who' episodes: I agree that animating the B&W episodes is easier than it would be to animate ones in color. Thankfully (if you can look at it like that), only the B&W episodes are ones missing. All color episodes exist, and even now the BBC is managing to "mix and match" some of the B&W Pertwee episodes with color footage of the same stories to get a full-color restoration. In the recently released DVD "Doctor Who and the Silurians" (which was all in B&W the first time I saw it), the entire story is in color. The Special Features has a section where they go into detail to show how they managed to mate the B&W footage with existing color footage, and then run it through a computer to get color into the rest of the story. I think they said they have plans to do that with all of the B&W Pertwee stories, which mostly comprise his first season. There is one B&W episodes from "Planet of the Daleks", and the first episode of "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" that are in B&W, but from what I've seen in the "Silurians" DVD documentary on the colorization process, those two episodes should be easy.

      I know the Hartnell to Troughton regeneration occurs in the final seconds of "Tenth Planet", but it would still be nice to see that final episode in more than just stills with small bits of surviving, blurry and grainy footage mixed in, even if it is animated. I have heard that "Power of the Daleks" is due for release, but again that rumor mill has so many "projected" dates - delayed, planned sooner, etc. - I'll just keep looking on Amazon or in stores until I either see it on the shelf or for order (not pre-order), or my wife sees the official word on the BBC's 'Doctor Who' Facebook page. (And for all I know, "Power" could have already been out there for some weeks.)


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      Hello Dino
           Re: Feast Of Stephen. Surely, Dino, if that is what happened then there would be information readily available on the Net.
           Re: Rumour mills. I tend not to go out looking for them. People can speculate so much that they can’t differentiate from reality when all the really need is infinite patience and when places like the BBC reveal the information then they’ll know it’ll be gospel.
           Over here, anything that isn’t from official sources is purely rumour mill. It’s just a generalisation.
           As to ‘The Invasion’. Well, it would have been a bit difficult to do without the script. :-) The main thing that helped, though, was it being in black and white or rather shades of gray. Colour would make it look a bit more gaudy.
           Re: Tenth Planet. Not so. Anyone of my age range saw it the first time around. Honestly, it’s only a few seconds at the end of the episode. You’d be better off with ‘The Power Of The Daleks’.
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