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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Oct 19, 2013
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      No problems, dude. I know what you're going through with your dad isn't easy. Unfortunately I don't have DWM #444 in my small stack that didn't end up in the storage pod. I grab an issue when I see one, but since Borders went TU (and they were the only store to carry DWM regularly), its appearance in other book stores is sporadic at best.

      I don't do any Twitter, but the people I know that do and have been following the Recovered Episodes saga, it would appear that Ian Levine and Phil Morris have some sort of rivalry going as to which of them has located more of those "Missing, Presumed Wiped" episodes. (And Levine isn't being very nice towards the BBC, going as far as using profanity at them for not releasing both the news of recovered episodes and the episodes themselves the moment the BBC gets hold of them.) But given that no one at the BBC has ever given a reason for junking "Feast of Steven", we may never get one.


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      Hey Dino:
       Haven't meant to leave you out of the loop--just with the recent fall-back with my father, my free time is more compressed than ever. I've been re-reading the cover article in Doctor Who magazine 444 (January 2012), which goes into explicit detail regarding which country bought what and when and where the prints went from station to station. I bet that Phillip Morris fellow has a very dog-eared copy of the issue himself, by now...you would think, that this being about the most concise and current source out there, that it might say what went on behind the junking of 'Feast of Steven' but it doesn't. Not a clue other than since it was Xmas, it might not play well overseas. I have my own speculation--I think, once they realized it was going out on Xmas day, they devised the episode like they did to at least save a few bucks, as well as not alienate the casual viewer who might not have seen the show since say...Air Lock...no Daleks, no royalty payment to Terry Nation...
      Not to raise any false hopes, but I can't help but wonder if there's not still something out there-- and I mean imminent. Given the nature and persistence of the rumors since late June, I was willing to bet they got something back, but I figured, since they held back the news on last year's finds so well, I was expecting we wouldn't hear a peep out of anyone until this year's Missing, Believed Wiped event at the BFI...do they have any surprises left?...as some mad scientist or other once said..."It is an interesting conjecture"...
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