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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Oct 19, 2013

      I wish I could get more precise with where I read that comment about "Feast", and I did read it; it's not something I just made up or heard from the "rumor mill". Unfortunately the books, and what issues of the magazines I have, that I referenced (along with their shelving units) are in storage, and probably will be there until after we get our renovations complete (don't ask; it was a disaster that brought this about) and the rain stops long enough for the storage pod to be wheeled into the drive (without sinking into the mud!). Even then once I get it all back I'll be doing a lot of reading, and it will take some time before I find which of the items I referenced I found it in. In the meantime, I'll definitely look into getting a copy of 'Wiped'.

      I never subscribe or listen to the Rumor Mill. Actually, make that "believe" the rumor mill; it makes so much noise one can't help hearing it. And with 'Doctor Who' that mill seems to make more noise than most others, at least on this side of the pond. When David Tennant was "rumored" to be leaving the role, before the BBC had announced that he was in fact leaving, the US Rumor Mill already had the actor who played "Dr. Moon" from "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead" as the new Doctor. The surprise was quite humorous from the outside looking in when Matt Smith was announced as the new Doctor. And when Matt Smith announced he was leaving, some of the Rumor MIll over here had Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed as the new Doctor. Others in the Mill had at least a half dozen other actors "confirmed", and not one of those names was Peter Capaldi!
      When Jenna-Louise Coleman was announced as the new Companion and her publicity photo posted (probably a photo the BBC got from her agent), once again the US Rumor Mill - based on what she was wearing in the photo (which were her ordinary clothes) - had her character named "Benny" (short for Bernice), and "confirmed" that she was the first companion to be take from the comics. Costume forums went into overdrive trying to ID what she was wearing in the publicized photo so they could replicate the "costume" she would be wearing in the show. They were also going into detailed breakdowns of every outfit "Benny" wore in the comics. And then the shockwave hit like a mega-tsunami when the BBC announced the companion was "Clara Oswald" (and NOT "Benny").

      And through all of the above, there were arguments that abounded as to who in the Mill was right, and who was wrong. (As I said, from the outside looking in: quite humorous.)

      So, while I may occasionally quote the Rumor Mill (and mention that it is from the Mill), it doesn't mean that I believe it. As I said, others may have heard similar things, and might be able to shed some light on what is nothing but rumor, and what part of it - if any - holds any water. If no one chimes in on that, then I take it as being all rumor, and nothing more.

      As to animating the missing episodes, yes: it does provide a visual satisfaction more so than stills with audio. And according to the commentary on the Troughton DVD "The Invasion" (the first story to have its missing episodes animated), the director and animators said they were using the filming script as a guide (along with what they heard in the audio and what stills and footage fragments they had access to) so they could get "as close as possible" to what the episodes may have looked like. So while it's not an exact copy (visually) of the episode, I would have to call it a "close enough". And from what I've seen in "The Invasion" (and the preview clips the BBC has posted of the animated episode 4 of "The Tenth Planet" - Hartnell's final episode - and seeing what film fragments there are of it), the animated episodes work well enough.


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      Hello Dino

           Re: Who. That’s not being that precise. With the Who magazine, I have it from weekly to monthly for the first few years and can’t recall that item coming up. You’re not exactly giving a precise reference to that Masterplan episode. ‘Wiped’ was pretty intense with its detail and worth you picking up. Had any episode been destroyed that way, then it would be there in bold type and it wasn’t. You might just be getting the rumour mill.

           With the Internet, rumours grow way out of proportion to reality. That’s one thing I’ve managed not to get embroiled in on SFC.

           I have mixed feelings about the animated bits chucked into stories to fill the gaps. The main good point is that it allows the live ones to get a viewing.


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