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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Sep 26 10:23 PM
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      PROBE Scanner: Anything, really, is "passive" until it gets juice. The scanner as I mentioned works as a passive and active device. If it wasn't active in some sort of way, it would never have the IR, X-Ray, zoom, etc. capabilities it has.
      I think we can - mostly - set aside the idea of a dynamo and alternating current as 99.9% of electronic equipment operates on direct current. True, alternating current may initially enter the equipment (at home it would be from a wall outlet, for the scanner it would be from the microwave signals from HQ via Comstat), but once the Vac gets inside the casing, it is passed through a transformer to step up (or down) the voltage, which is then rectified into Vdc. So the idea that the scanner needs a dynamo to generate alternating current for power isn't necessary and the transformer alone would make the thing impractical; it's circuits would run off of direct current, so in that respect if we toss the idea of the magnet generating any power, a "button" battery would make more sense as the internal power source.

      'Search' made today: Yes, the agents' equipment would still need to be - let's say 'unobtrusive' rather than concealed. Concealed indicates more of something that no one would see. (I guess the earjack and dental contacts would fall into this category, so maybe we'd need both concealed and unobtrusive.) The scanner would be the unobtrusive item. To keep things within the realm of plausibility, I think the scanner would have to be kept "close" to its original size (unlike the too small 'cameras' the She Spies used). Its design could be slightly altered so it would look more like a piece of jewelry, though, yet still give it that "old-fashioned" scanner look - like, say, the Eye of Medusa (a.k.a. Evil Eye: here's a bracelet full of them for those who haven't seen one before:
      http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server5900/a9c13/products/85/images/377/tanz_blue_sterling_silver_evil_eye_bracelet__32389.1297118272.1280.1280.jpg; and they come in a variety of colors so even female agents could color-coordinate with whatever outfit they were wearing: http://www.luckjewels.com/categories/Sterling-Silver-Evil-Eye-Bracelets/). Still has that look, but not so much of the draw-your-eye-to-it oddness of the original's circuit board and lens.
      Power management would definitely be a necessity as you point out, hence our modern-day Kuroda at the front-center console. A medic is also necessary to monitor the PROBE agents' condition, as well as any other vital signs from someone sneaking about: modern day Gloria at her left-hand console to the left of Cameron's (Boss Man to oversee everything) rear-center double-sided console.
      In keeping with the spirit of the Pilot and first 15 episodes (with a dark PROBE Control and more HQ technicians), a computer expert would also be a good idea to monitor the more complex tech HQ would use today (Ginny Keach at her right-hand console to the right of Cam's) and like Ginny did back then, monitor the now-widespread Internet traffic. Since language translation programs aren't totally accurate, a linguistics expert is also a good idea (Griffin, front-left console) since someone would have to speak the translation to the agent anyway.
      And someone to monitor all communications channels - cell/mobile phones (voice and text), e-mails, Skype, etc. (Carlos, front-right console). We could keep the non-descript consoles in the back on the left and right sides of the rear Computer/recording drive racks, just in case something out of the ordinary pops up and needs monitoring (although they got along fine without those in the Pilot and "The Murrow Disappearance"). The Main Screen? I'd just make it HD: maybe a slightly bigger housing. Otherwise I wouldn't change the look of it; it's just too cool as is! (I wouldn't go holographic with its display because that would be too much ST: TNG-ish.)

      AWACS interference: Honestly, as infrequent as that buzzing happens and as short as the buzzing's duration is, it really isn't worth the effort to try blocking it from the speakers. It happens at random - once every few months, and not at the same time so we can't even track it to get ready to try the shielding - and it only lasts about 10-15 seconds.


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      Hello Dino

           Re: TV Scanner. Until it gets juice, it’s totally passive. Any information useful to the PROBE agent has to be go back to HQ and then explained back by earjack.

           Any internal power source would have to be created by an alternating current which would mean something would have to be moving continually because there’s no room for a battery so yes, it would have to be a dynamo of some sort.

           Forget TV in all of this. All the discussion is based on how possible this is in the real world. It might not have seemed that way back in the 70s but the technology has caught up. Like Mike says, the only real obstacle is the power source.

           If ‘Search’ was made today, it would still have to be a concealed device still but access to info wouldn’t have changed so much other than automating some of it. You would probably still need someone in power management, a medic and a boss who would check the computer data.

           Re: microwaves and your speakers. Hmmm....I haven’t tried this but if you fancy a little experiment, make a suitable box to go behind the speaker, wrap it in silver foil, shiny side out, and see if shielding that side helps. It’ll be a lot cheaper than putting a fine mesh in front of the speakers.


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