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10034Re: [probe_control] Obituary: Nate Esformes (1932-2013)

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  • Jim Alexander
    Aug 9, 2013
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      Thank you so much for sharing this, Don. I remember the man and his roles very well.

      Jim Alexander

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      Character actor Nate Esformes passed away on June 19th. He played Mr. Landis (aide to Dr. Carl Moen) in the Doug McClure Search episode "Short Circuit."

      Imdb page, which lists his birthdate as May 15, 1933:

      The Classic TV History Blog has an article:

      Snip from article: "...Born on June 29, 1932, Esformes came to prominence in the late sixties and seventies, usually playing characters of Latin American ethnicity. He made what may have been his television debut as a gangster in "Legacy For a Lousy Future," a 1966 episode of the New York City-based cop drama Hawk. (As of this writing, the Internet Movie Database incorrectly puts Esformes in a different Hawk episode, and also has his date of birth wrong.)

      "By 1968, he had relocated to Los Angeles and his career began to take off in concert with the ascendancy of adventure shows that could make ample use of ethnically ambiguous villains: It Takes a Thief, The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible (which used Esformes five times), Ironside, The Six Million Dollar Man. Esformes also did multiple guest turns on Run For Your Life, The Flying Nun, Mannix, Police Story, and Hunter, and appeared in the mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man. He played one of the Watergate burglars in All the President's Men, and most of his other films have achieved either critical acclaim or cult fame: Petulia, Marlowe, Black Belt Jones, Henry Jaglom's Tracks, Battle Beyond the Stars, Vice Squad, Invasion U.S.A. ..."

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