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233Re: [principles_of_zen] the four great vows

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  • Kevin Doyle
    Jan 12, 2007
      Yeah, that's definitely a font conversion issue. They probably cut-'n'-pasted the original quotes from a Word doc or something.

      However, the question marks work somehow...

      On 1/12/07, vivek ramakrishnan <vram22@...> wrote:

      Personally, I think it is a font conversion problem. Some symbol that did not get converted.
      Sensei is the expert here.

      Elizabeth Bourne <eab31@...> wrote:
      At zazen tonight we talked a little about different versions of the 4 great vows.
      Here is a version written by Jeff Shore which some of us heard at his retreat held at Kashin Zendo in December. I don't know what the question marks are there for - this is how it was sent to me when I requested a copy from him.
      Numberless beings ? Set free
      Endless deslusions ? Cut off
      Countless Dharmas ? See through
      Unsurpassable way ? Manifest

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