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  • Can someone quickly explain what induction is and give one example of how it can be used? Its been mentioned here and in other groups pretty often so it must be kind of important... Thanks Plano9
    plano9 Dec 12, 2004
  • ...that all even numbers will be the sum of n primes or less. The table gives a few values of n and who the proof is accredited to. Plano9 --- In primenumbers@^$1, Mary & Graeme wrote: > I recently came across the matter of Goldbach's conjecture, which I > understand...
    plano9 Dec 6, 2004
  • ...Perhaps someone knows how to already? With any luck this might finish the framework for my Twin Primes Conjecture proof... thanks Plano9
    plano9 Oct 20, 2004
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  • ...anyone know the name of a theorem that proves that the average density decreases (if it exists)? This would help me immensely... Plano9
    plano9 Oct 18, 2004
  • Has is been proven that the density of prime numbers will never increase (I think you know what I mean) as you go into larger and larger numbers?
    plano9 Oct 18, 2004
  • ...19 , 469; 67 , 133 10585: 5 , 2117; 29 , 365; 73 , 145 15841: 7 , 2263; 31 , 511; 73 , 217 29341: 13 , 2257; 37 , 793; 61 , 481 Plano9
    plano9 Oct 9, 2004
  • ...Does the first edition include the CFRAC example? I need to decide if its worth the extra money to buy the second edition. Thanks, Plano9 --- In primenumbers@^$1, "dleclair55" wrote: > > Hi, > > > I'm (attempting) to make a quadratic and no resources > > are making...
    plano9 Oct 5, 2004
  • I'm (attempting) to make a quadratic and no resources are making it clear on how I choose the size of the factor base to use. Can anyone help me on how to do that? Thanks, Plano9
    plano9 Oct 5, 2004
  • 1) Which number do the most primes end in {1, 3, 7, or 9}? I'm guessing 7 but does someone know? and a similar one 2) If you input a really long stream of numbers into 6n+1 and 6n-1, which would yield more prime numbers? plus my question about what a quadtratic prime sieve does differently than a normal one... Plano9
    plano9 Sep 25, 2004
  • Can someone tell me what a quadratic prime sieve does different then the normal sieve/how it works? thanks, Plano9
    plano9 Sep 24, 2004