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  • Hi cino, ch> Prime numbers written out in english as such ch> two, three, four, seven, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, seventeen, ... ch> Are blind primes because the have no i's. ch> My question is can we prove thes primes are infinite? Some of your given examples look rather composite to me, though of course blind. :P -- Justin ICQ 37456745 AIM jasticle
    Justin Jun 5, 2004
  • Hi Ron, R> Justin asked me for a real life example of how this technique R> can be used to find factors, so at the risk of boring everyone R> else, I thought I'd post it here on the forum. Here is a sample R> Maple code snippet ('#' begins a comment) that illustrates the R> problem: Thanks Ron. I think I've finally understood the idea of the technique. I also understand long-hand...
    Justin Jun 4, 2004