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Re: [PrimeNumbers] Cunningham Chain record list updated and expanded

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  • Phil Carmody
    ... That s absolutely brilliant, Dirk, great work! It s missing some CC1_15s 90616211958465842220 113220800675069784840
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 26 1:42 AM
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      --- Dirk_Augustin@... wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I have updated my Cunningham Chain record list at
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/primenumbers/files/Prime%20Tables/Cunningham_C
      > hain_records.txt
      > with a lot of new records including the new Sophie Germain and CC3 record!
      > Furthermore I have added a history section, so that you can see the
      > "evolution" of the Cunningham Chain records over the last years.

      That's absolutely brilliant, Dirk, great work!

      It's missing some CC1_15s

      113220800675069784840 <-
      [SNIP - about 10 others]

      The one marked with an arrow was found by Carmody March 2001, using GenSv, and
      all the others were found by Carmody/Jobling, March 2002, using GenSv.
      The smallest value above is hoped to be the minimal one, and the largest is likewise the
      largest known.



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