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Brilliant numbers (and cryptography) - a quick question...

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  • Richard Traynham
    I hadn t encountered these (and visisted Dario s great site :) Anyway, just sort of a random thought here.. But, it seems to me that IF brilliant numbers
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 26 10:05 AM
      I hadn't encountered these (and visisted Dario's
      great site :)

      Anyway, just sort of a "random thought" here..

      But, it seems to me that IF brilliant numbers would
      be actually usefull for cryptography that the
      number of digits should be the same when expressed
      as a BINARY number,

      For example #6:

      100013 = 103 x 971

      The number 103 can be expressed as 8 bits, while
      971 would obviously require 10 bits. Since (from
      what little I know/understand) of encryption, much
      of the "process of encryption" is based on

      Thus, in terms of efficency, it would make sense to
      concentrate on brilliant pairs that can be expressed
      in the same number of bits. (Of course, I'm probably
      way off base here -- just a "casual" sort of thought).

      -- very cool discussion group, btw.

      -- Richard T.

      also: Is there a FAQ (or intro) sheet some-where
      on brilliant numbers?

      *(hums nervously to self, hope-ing that I'm not
      appearing to be a *complete* idiot here ;) )*

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