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[OT] email annoyances

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  • Phil Carmody
    Greetings all, Primers who ve never contacted me off-list can press D now! I hope people don t mind me broadcasting this, but as I ve had off-list exchanges
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
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      Greetings all,

      Primers who've never contacted me off-list can press 'D' now! I hope
      people don't mind me broadcasting this, but as I've had off-list
      exchanges with at least a dozen people in the last fortnight, I
      reckon that the shotgun approach should work most efficiently! This
      message also acts as a test to see if yahoo has got my details
      correct :-|

      Basically, at short notice I'm being obliged to change my e-mail
      address - I'm no longer fatphil at altavista.com (will work for a few
      more weeks), and am now 'thefatphil' (yuk - wouldn't let me have
      fatphil!) at yahoo.co.uk .

      I intend that to be my primary address for day to day mail, which
      means that if there are any perceived problems with your posts[*], or
      with other group functionality (files ares, databases etc.) then that
      address can be used for the fastest response. (Heheh, I've only had
      about one query a month so far, this is an easy job!)

      So those who've added me to their address lists, can you please
      update your records.

      Sorry for the noise.

      Who knows, maybe there's a bright side - maybe I'll change my .sigs!


      [* Note - I can't promise to correct perceived mathematical problems
      with posts ! :-) ]

      .sig selecter broken, please ignore.

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