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Re: Tawdry housekeeping in the files area

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  • jfoug@kdsi.net
    I have created a files FactoringPrograms files ProvingPrograms I have moved GMP-ECM * into factoring programs. I have move CPAPSieve * into factoring
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2001
      I have created a

      I have moved GMP-ECM\* into factoring programs.

      I have move CPAPSieve\* into factoring programs.

      I have copied GFNSieve21.zip into Factoring Programs. Yves, please
      change your link to this program, and email me, and I will remove the

      I have moved Cert_Val_v194.zip into ProvingPrograms. I believe
      this is linked at the primes pages, and needs to be changed there.
      I tried updating the page myself, but failed. This might also be
      linked into Marcel's web site.


      --- In primenumbers@y..., Phil Carmody <fatphil@a...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > I've noticed that the top level directory was in a bit of a state,
      so have created a few coherent subdirectories to put stuff under. I'd
      like to do a bit more, but don't want to break links that people
      might have.
      > Here's what I've done:
      > - Created a 'Posters & Abstracts' folder.
      > This is the best place for short pithy discoveries, just a few
      pages long. The Smarandache expressions fit best here, for example.
      > - Created a 'Factors' folder
      > I've put all the Harvey Dubner-related 10^n+/-1 factors here.
      However, it's the place for all equally coherent tables like that,
      should ayone come up with any in the future.
      > - Renamed the 'code' folder (with description 'code') to be a bit
      more descriptive.
      > Here's what I've not done:
      > - Created a 'sieving programs' folder
      > (thinking Jim's GFNS and CPAP)
      > - Created a 'factoring programs' folder
      > (thinking Jud's two and GMP-ECM)
      > - Created a 'primality proving' folder
      > (thinking Cert-Val)
      > - Created a 'Tables of Primes' folder
      > (thinking ABNC, Cunningham)
      > - Deleted anything. (Although I in horror thought I'd accidentally
      deleted a dozen files, when I was merely in the wrong folder!)
      > (There's certainly a 'words', 'numbers', 'programs' trichotomy
      appearing, but there's certainly no point in splitting a coherent
      trio of the above.)
      > Any thoughts and feelings about whether these are sensible moves
      (although moving 15 files out of the top level directory ceratinly
      makes it look clean and tidy again) are welcome.
      > Probably off-list for anything non-contraversial (to the hostname
      altavista.com, username fatphil please), but if there's anything
      which you think will require lengthy discussion and debate, and duels
      at dawn, then on-list is fine.
      > Phil
      > Mathematics should not have to involve martyrdom;
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