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Re: Jenny Jenny prime puzzle

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  • Tom
    North Carolina or Virginia.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 20, 2012
      North Carolina or Virginia.

      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, Alan Eliasen <eliasen@...> wrote:
      > I posted this (shortened) to Twitter tonight: (I'm
      > https://twitter.com/aeliasen )
      > I got this phone number from a girl named Jenny tonight. Her 7-digit
      > number is 867-5309. She hinted that it's prime and her number plus 2
      > are twin primes. Yet I don't know her (3-digit) area code in the U.S.!
      > Where could she live?! How many places might you expect mathematically
      > and how many places might she really live?
      > Note that in the U.S., area codes may not start with 0 or 1. These
      > are 3-digit numbers that precede the 7-digit local phone number, giving
      > a 10-digit number.
      > She also hinted that her 10-digit number with area code and that
      > number plus 2 are are also twin primes! Could you tell me now where she
      > might live?
      > --
      > Alan Eliasen
      > eliasen@...
      > http://futureboy.us/
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