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Re: Primes and a Liouville number...

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  • maximilian_hasler
    ... equations (ii & iii) on... ... (...) ... I just had a glance at the page, and think it is nonsense. The chi(p) function isn t a function, neither are
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 7, 2009
      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, "antidyne" <antidyne@...> wrote:
      > I was wondering if anyone in here could confirm or invalidate that
      equations (ii & iii) on...
      > http://www.jeffreyncook.com/jeff%20cook%20physics/NET/net%2001.htm
      > Also, any second set of eyes of the rest would be much helpful.

      I just had a glance at the page, and think it is nonsense.

      The chi(p) "function" isn't a function, neither are there primes raised
      to the negative power of 10. (And IMO the appearance of "10" is also a
      sign of irrelevance.)
      Skipping to equation (x) at the bottom of the page, which reads:

      > What is absolutely certain, and straightforwardly solved for,
      > whether the conjecture is true or not is that the following is true:
      > XXX * ( XXX + i alpha/XXX )^(-1) = 0.999... + alpha i
      > Where the Imaginary part of the result equals the Fine Structure

      I think everyone who followed a first introduction to calculus can judge
      the value of this statement and "result".
      The value 10^kappa * tau of XXX is completely irrelevant here,
      and makes me think that the rest of the page is equally worthless.

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