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Re: [PrimeNumbers] my first post

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  • Yann Guidon
    ... Hello, don t take it harshly, in fact I did not want to answer. But I am procrastinating for five minutes, so I decided to rant a bit. ... what is so
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2009
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      Ali Adams wrote:
      > Salam Yann,


      don't take it harshly, in fact I did not want to answer.
      But I am procrastinating for five minutes, so I decided to rant a bit.

      > Welcome to the group and maybe you can find practical use for prime
      > numbers related to the year 2012.

      what is so special with years, a man-defined and sometimes even redefined notion ?
      Why not 2012 seconds, 2012 minutes or hours ?
      And why 2012 which is not even a prime, but a ad-hoc
      construction of man-related notions ?

      > In the Quran, God's last revelation there is a chapter called The Key
      > which has 7 verses, 29 words, 139 letters. All primes with prime digit
      > sums too (Additive primes).
      > If you need more details please let me know.

      I didn't want to subscribe to a numerology mailing list.
      Many people, from many cultures, assign a meaning and/or
      a signification to numbers, but I don't.
      Numbers have some properties, but among themselves,
      the rest is... psychology and human nature.
      Some "regimes" call this superstition.

      I only have interest in wheel sieves theory,
      which have no other signification than themselves,
      and serve no practical purpose (at least to me).
      I'm like an apprentice clockwork artist,
      I like to observe the spinning wheels,
      this does not mean that I want to develop a
      philosophic framework around time, because
      it has nothing to do about physics and
      man-made mechanics.

      > Peace to you.

      And you too, though I presume that this answer may revive flames.

      > Ali Adams
      > **
      > <prime numbers are God's signature>
      Prime numbers are ... numbers.
      If there is a god, He is everywhere.
      It sounds futile to me to search anything
      in the primes beyond themselves.
      As if you tried to understand a country's culture
      by only reading its law books,
      because it certainly misses a lot of other informations.

      Now, I have the feeling that certain forms of wheel sieves
      can help us a lot in understanding prime numbers.
      I can almost find the next prime from a given number
      and it has become almost boringly trivial to me, today.

      If you can point to or find more-or-less interesting
      properties of wheel sieves, that would interest me.
      You can interpret these properties however you want
      but what matters here and for me is understanding plain dumb Maths.

      yg, back to FPGA-land.
      http://ygdes.com / http://yasep.org
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