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Re: Help with recursion on a Karasuba algorithm

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  • Not Important
    ... faster, ... in a ... lot of ... intended ... easily ... algorithms ... (That is, ... Cook ... Madrid, ... My thanks to Alan, through his pointers I
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 26, 2008
      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, Alan Eliasen <eliasen@...> wrote:
      > Not Important wrote:
      > > I've decided to use the Karasuba algorithm for multiplying large
      > > numbers in the program I'm writing. I've understand FFT is


      > Perhaps it will give some concrete hints if you're stuck in
      > implementation details. These patches are intended to be written
      in a
      > relatively readable style built on existing operations without a
      lot of
      > low-level bit-fiddling or optimization for special cases. It's
      > to be readily understood and checked so that the changes could be
      > reviewed and Java could get trustable asymptotically-faster
      > much sooner. Based on the delays at Sun, that didn't happen.
      (That is,
      > it's been over 6 months since I submitted the first patch, and they
      > haven't reviewed it yet. Augh.)
      > See: http://bodrato.it/papers/#WAIFI2007 "Towards Optimal Toom-
      > Multiplication for Univariate and Multivariate Polynomials in
      > Characteristic 2 and 0." by Marco BODRATO; In C.Carlet and B.Sunar,
      > Eds., "WAIFI'07 proceedings", p. 116-133, LNCS #4547. Springer,
      > Spain, June 21-22, 2007.
      > --
      > Alan Eliasen | "Furious activity is no substitute
      > eliasen@... | for understanding."
      > http://futureboy.us/ | --H.H. Williams

      My thanks to Alan, through his pointers I was able to figure out what
      logic I was missing and am now working through writing my own code.
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