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Rs.1.5 Lakh in just 6 months + FREE Gift P4 Computer and PDA Mobile phone worth Rs.40,000/- + earning multiplying pension income per month after retirement. Investment is just Rs.100/- (Risk FREE).

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  • naru naru
    Hi guys, I am neither a net guru nor a writer but am still earning money on net. “Thousands of People like me are Making Money on the Internet, Right Here in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2006
      Hi guys,

      I am neither a net guru nor a writer but am still earning money on net.

      “Thousands of People like me are Making Money on the Internet, Right Here in India, While You are Watching “Television” or “Chatting” on Internet.

      Are you Missing Out on the Internet Revolution?”

      Our Indian Company is offering you Part-time Job which can earn you more than Rs.1.5 Lakh in just 6 months + FREE Gift P4 Computer and PDA Mobile phone worth Rs.40,000/- + earning multiplying pension income per month after retirement. Investment is just Rs.100/- (Risk FREE). No experience is required for doing this work. The company is providing full training.

      I am already receiving my payment in time i.e. within a week’s time through ICICI bank transfer in my account. As the company is already paying me, so the question of genuineness does not arise.

      If you want to join, just sign up in http://www.mymoneymail.com/userpage.asp?referer=26292
      under my referral link and you will get a list of 500 yahoogroups once your account is activated, besides the training provided to you by mymoneymail..

      See the comments sent by me to mymoneymail.com and they have publish it on the site in their NEWS section

      Thanks again, it’s an awesome Program! This is my fourth payment and I got it within 4 days. I don’t understand why people are skeptical about this program. At least they should try it once. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I’ve been scammed in the past but now I understand that all fingers are not equal as I am getting my payments when I requested. It is a great site and is easy to follow program.
      Member : 1538

      I hope by now your doubts have been cleared.

      After paying Rs.100/- to the Company, your account would be activated and you can start earn thereafter. The Company is providing full training. It’s just a matter of Rs.100/- and it’s a genuine company, which is already paying me.

      Mymoneymail.com has reached 25,605 members {1678 Paid Members and 23 Affiliates) WITH NEW INCOME STRUCTURE. Please read the NEW INCOME STRUCTURE ON THE SITE TWICE.

      I may add here that I am working for mymoneymail.com for last 6-7 months and I have a downline of more than 1,063 members out of which 108 members have activated their account till date.


      Our main feature of program is 3 times earning on 1 time job work done by you.
      1) Sales Earning.
      2) Affiliate Earning.
      3) Pension Earning.

      1) Sales Earning : This is the first income of your job work done by you. You will earn sales commission on all the active members directly referred by you. When you post ads on the net, the visitors will visit your page and will get registered under you. They will send Rs.100/- to activate their account. There are two options for getting sales earning account, one is to get activation charges directly from your members in your name at your door step or if you do not want to reveal your address, then you can authorize us to collect the payment from your members and we will pay you on monthly bases. If you select to receive direct payment from your members you will earn Rs.100/- from all your active members and if you authorize us to receive the activation charges from your members then we will credit your sales earning account by Rs.80/-. This we have talked about the first income, now we will talk about the second income on same job work. The Program is designed in such a way that
      either you receive the payment from your downline member at your own address OR if you don't want to disclose your address, you can authorize mymoneymail.com to recieve payment on your behalf and they will pay you.

      2) Affiliate Earning : This the second time earning without doing any extra efforts. To get the benefit of your downline matrix, we have designed Affiliate Earning account where you will earn fixed earning by passing through different stages. You will earn total of Rs.1,58,800/-. To get this earning, you just have to participate by paying Rs.300/- to us, only after you receive 5 active members. When you receive 5 payments directly from your members i.e. after receiving Rs.500/-, you have to send Rs.300/- to us, you will also get a personalized email ID along with your own sub-domain name. After sending Rs.300/-, you do not have to pay anything, keep receiving Rs.100/- from your members and keep entire amount in your pocket. You will earn in affiliate earning account by passing through the various stages as explained below :
      When you enroll in to affiliate account by paying Rs.300/-
      you will becomes a Qualified Agent (Q.A.) and qualify to receive affiliate earnings.
      When any of your 10 members enrolls in affiliate account and becomes Q.A.
      you will receive Rs.300/- and you will becomes Field Officer (F.O.)
      When any of your 8 Qualified Agents becomes Field Officers
      you will earn Rs.1500/- and you will becomes Organiser (Org.)
      When any of your 6 F.Os. becomes Organiser
      you will earn Rs. 2000/- and you will becomes Senior Organiser (Sr.Org.)
      When any of your 4 Orgs. becomes Senior Organiser
      you will earn Rs.5000/- and you will becomes Zonal Officer (Z.O.)
      When any of your 2 Sr. Orgs. becomes Zonal Officer
      you will earn Rs.1,50,000/- + life time renewal of your email ID + free gift worth Rs.25000/- and Rs.40000/- (if you qualify) and you will get retirement from affiliate account.

      3) Pension Earning : After completing all the stages of affiliate earning account, you will becomes a retired member. You can stop the job work or you can continue it is upto you. You will earn pension Rs.5000/- per retired members you receive upto 4 levels deep. Any members under you upto 4 levels deep will complete the affiliate earning account and becomes retired you will earn Rs.5000/-.

      This is how you will earn 3 times on 1 time work done by you. In short you just have to keep posting ads on the net to generate visitors on your personal web page that you have got by paying Rs.100/-, participate in affiliate account when you receive 5 payments and also motivate your downline members to participate in affiliate account.
      We will allot you admin control panel if you opt to receive direct payment from members to activate their accounts when they pay you.

      Step 1 :
      Make a DD of Rs.100/- in favour of "Jugal Infotech"
      payable at "Mumbai"

      and send it at the following address :

      Mayur Gandhi
      B-202, Shanti Bhavan, 2nd Floor,
      Plot No. 231-233, Everest Nagar,
      Sector-1, Ghansoli,
      Navi Mumbai - 400 701.
      O R
      You can also deposit the cheque of Rs.100/- in favour of "Jugal Infotech" payable at "Mumbai in any of the ICICI bank branch or ATM drop box near your city. The details of our ICICI bank account are as follows :

      ICICI A/c No. : 623705017439
      A/c Name : Jugal Infotech
      A/c Type : Current Account
      Branch : Matunga, Mumbai.

      After payment member should have to send us the details of payment i.e.
      cheque no., bank name etc along with the userid to activate the account.

      Step 2 : Mention the following details on the back of your DD/Cheque :
      Your user id : < member's User ID will appear here >
      Your Full Name : < member's full name will appear here >
      Your email address : < member's email id will appear here >

      If you do not write the above details with your payment, your referrer will not be able to activate your account.

      You are welcome to join these yahoo groups:


      For any enquiry in relation to receipt of payment/ work allotment, ID to be followed up after a week of dispatch of your payment, by sending a mail to info@... with copy to: goodoffer06@... with complete details of your payment for a quick action.



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