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Re: [PrimeNumbers] Building Twin Primes

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  • Jud McCranie
    ... Do you have a proof of this assertion? ... How as (29,31) previously constructed?
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29 4:42 PM
      At 04:02 PM 5/29/2005, Milton Brown wrote:
      >Following is a constructive method of building Twin Primes,
      >based on the twin primes already constructed.
      >For every prime P there is a Twin Prime (f(P), f(P)+2) associated
      >with it.

      Do you have a proof of this assertion?

      >This Twin Prime function forms an increasing set.
      >P----- Prior Pair----- Constructed Pair
      >7------ (17,19) --------(227,229) by adding 7*30
      >11-----(17,19) --------(347,349) by adding 11*30
      >13-----(29,31) --------(419,421) by adding 13*30

      How as (29,31) previously constructed?
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