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Changing the world speedily

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  • Robin Garcia
    Chris Cadwell wrote: Do you mean
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2005
      Chris Cadwell wrote:

      <<Of course the above assume (semi)sequential computing. Quantum computing will change the world, just not for awhile yet.>>

      Do you mean that Goldbach Conjecture could be verified up to (say) 10^1000000000 and (not special form of)twin primes of 10^10000 digits could be found and that we will without no effort reach the impossible infinity ;OR do you mean that experimental speed increase would prove GC , and the infinitude of twin primes and.....let us have an instantaneous and total knowledge of the Universe and Life and that a quantum computer will write one day the best novel ever written??????

      Or do you mean hunger and poverty will be defeated by computer speed????

      You might add a little bit of philosophical salt to your untasteful argument.


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