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Re: [PrimeNumbers] Proportionate intervals between primes

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  • Juan Ignacio Casaubon
    Hi, See the paper: Similarity in the statistics of prime numbers S R Dahmen et al. Physica A, 296, 2001, 523-528 ...numerical evidence for regularities in
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      See the paper:

      "Similarity in the statistics of prime numbers"

      S R Dahmen et al.

      Physica A, 296, 2001, 523-528

      ...numerical evidence for regularities in the distribution of gaps between primes...

      Dr Juan Ignacio Casaubon
      Universidad de Belgrano

      gulland68 <tmgulland@...> wrote:
      Forgive my ignorance, but I wonder whether anyone can inform me as to
      whether it is proven to be the case that, although the mean absolute
      difference between primes increases with ascension through the number
      scale, the maximum possible proportionate difference between adjacent
      prime values invariably diminishes?
      Am I guessing correctly that the answer is yes, as follows from
      Bertrand's theorem?

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