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Re: [PrimeNumbers] Help me!

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  • Richard Traynham
    Don t feel alone. I too am quite the amateur. I print out long lists of primes (what I would *really* like is for there to be a pndb (prime number data base)
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 27, 2003
      Don't feel alone.

      I too am quite the amateur. I print out long lists
      of primes (what I would *really* like is for there
      to be a pndb (prime number data base) with some-think
      the first 20 quin-tillion primes on it).

      I search for "patterns in the chaos" (as Jody Foster's
      sez in the movie "Contact").

      prime twins and their "clustering" appeals to me.

      I mean, I've "mapped" the Bahammas and the other
      various island
      groups way down in the 5 and 6 and 7 digit primes.


      What about the 25-digit primes? how many of them are

      and the 42-digit primes (the continental mass must
      surely Shirley,
      be called the "DNA" (after Douglas Noel Adams, author
      of "The
      Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy).

      I think that with mathematics, is the actual very
      basis of our

      (now, now, now. I can all hear you thinKing! But, I
      "back-up" for this. And protocol prohibits me from
      my source.


      MATHS: And there was math. And it was good.
      And in the next instant there was time. And
      it was evil.

      And then came maths to even things out.
      This could not be done.

      And so, that is why, Dear, Dear, Dear Children

      1 + 1 = 2

      and not 7 and two-thirds.

      .......................................... ;)

      -- your friend in e-space,


      (still a full-time tree-hugging, anti-war, hippy/poet)

      (nite all)

      PS: My classes go well.



      --- "Janice S. Asuncion"
      <jsasuncion@...> wrote:
      > to someone out there who still cares,
      > i'm a number theory enthusiast but i'm really an
      > amateur in this field in
      > the sense that i still haven't earned a graduate
      > degree.
      > and i'm very, very bored...
      > can u suggest anything that an ordinary person like
      > me could work on
      > right now? something simple enough for me to
      > comprehend with minimum
      > supervision from others but worthy of an
      > acknowledgement in the end?
      > something that would keep me busy for the next 6
      > months or so.
      > please help me. don't worry, i'm extremely
      > hardworking and creative and i
      > quite obsessive too.
      > --
      > ja
      > "help me figure out why i'm stuck in the middle
      > try to understand why i can't, why it's such a
      > riddle
      > got my eyes crossed, i'm thinking so hard
      > and i know i'm missing the mark
      > can u help me sort out all these information
      > i'm just racking my brain paying attention
      > but i'm still lost and at all cost
      > you've gotta help me..." --nick carter

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