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8549Re: Baillie-PSW

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  • paulunderwooduk
    Sep 2 5:41 PM
      --- In primenumbers@y..., "djbroadhurst" <d.broadhurst@o...> wrote:
      > Paul: What do you say about n=41*61*101=1 mod 5 ?
      > By me, 2^n=2 mod n
      > and lucasU(1,-1,n-1)=0 mod n.
      > So it is 2-PrP (also 2-sPrP, I believe)
      > and is a Fibonacci pseudoprime, according
      > to Crandall-Pomerance book.
      > Baillie-PSW exclude it, because n=1 mod 5.
      > What would you do with it, please?
      > David (at speed, error prone!)
      Oh! I am going to use 5 rounds of Miller Rabin instead!
      I am way out of my depth with Lucas sequences.
      At least with the M-R there less that 1 in 1024 chance of missing the
      first counterexample.
      Thanks for you help!
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