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6259Re: [PrimeNumbers] E-bay, honesty and a prime stamp

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  • Dan Morenus
    Apr 4 9:49 AM
      You can find images of Urbana's "2^11213-1 is prime"
      postmark and IBM's "2^19937-1 is prime" letterhead in Figure
      72 on page 166 of _Mathematical Magic Show_, by Martin
      Gardner, (c) 1977 by Martin Gardner, published by Alfred A.
      Knopf, Inc.

      Hope this helps,
      That bloody top-poster Dan Morenus

      Chris Caldwell wrote:
      > Now that is an odd subject line eh?
      > I've got a problem maybe one of you can help me with. I have one image on
      > my pages which I do not have the rights to use, it is the image of a
      > postage mark which says "2^11213-1 is prime"
      > http://www.utm.edu/research/primes/gifs/postage.gif
      > I would like a similar image which I can use on these pages, in articles,
      > books... In fact, I also wonder if there are any originals laying around,
      > I'd like to have an envelope with this stamp as well (to frame and put on
      > my wall).
      > Can any of you provide me with either the real thing, or a clean image
      > that I can use (with appropriate acknowledgment of course)? I have
      > limited funds to buy an envelop, but I would indeed bid on one if I saw it
      > on e-bay!
      > (Otherwise I'll ned to try to figure out what text I copied this from, and
      > get permission from the publisher, or try to figure out who to ask at
      > Illinois about getting an image of a postage mark they used 40 years ago)
      > Chris.
      > By the way--a Japanese group is translating a subset of my pages into a
      > book of roughly 440 pages; they need the image, this prompted me to fix
      > this old copyright permission problem... Luke Welsh also let me copy his
      > old Mersenne site, and I have written a new Mersenne bio (he was
      > amazing!), I hope to redo the /mersenne/ pages before too long and get
      > Luke's stuff back up (permission problems purgatory!)

      -- Dan Morenus (dmorenus@...)

      -- This parachute is not warranted to be suitable --
      -- for any purpose, including descending safely --
      -- from an airplane to the ground. --
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