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6252E-bay, honesty and a prime stamp

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  • Chris Caldwell
    Apr 4, 2002
      Now that is an odd subject line eh?

      I've got a problem maybe one of you can help me with. I have one image on
      my pages which I do not have the rights to use, it is the image of a
      postage mark which says "2^11213-1 is prime"


      I would like a similar image which I can use on these pages, in articles,
      books... In fact, I also wonder if there are any originals laying around,
      I'd like to have an envelope with this stamp as well (to frame and put on
      my wall).

      Can any of you provide me with either the real thing, or a clean image
      that I can use (with appropriate acknowledgment of course)? I have
      limited funds to buy an envelop, but I would indeed bid on one if I saw it
      on e-bay!

      (Otherwise I'll ned to try to figure out what text I copied this from, and
      get permission from the publisher, or try to figure out who to ask at
      Illinois about getting an image of a postage mark they used 40 years ago)


      By the way--a Japanese group is translating a subset of my pages into a
      book of roughly 440 pages; they need the image, this prompted me to fix
      this old copyright permission problem... Luke Welsh also let me copy his
      old Mersenne site, and I have written a new Mersenne bio (he was
      amazing!), I hope to redo the /mersenne/ pages before too long and get
      Luke's stuff back up (permission problems purgatory!)
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