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5025Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Fermat Factoring with First Digits

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  • Phil Carmody
    Feb 1, 2002
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      On Fri, 01 February 2002, "djbroadhurst" wrote:
      > Phil: I think that Milton was here talking about how to
      > use leading digits, not about how to find them.

      Milton's previous posts hav claimed that he can predict the leading digits. This has been called into question many times by the several people whose names all seem to begin with P. One particularly vociferous questioner has repeatedly requested a sketched algorithm, or at least some justification for the claims.

      Milton posted what appeared to be part of an algorithm, with a cite too which was appreciated. My first guess was that it was trying to be the long awaited answer to the questions. However, as you say it could not be.

      > In this case he was suggesting how to make the
      > very slow Fermat method slightly less slow, I guess?

      Haha, to be honest, if you throw a few trivial improvements into Fermat, it's not too shabby on the just-over-word-size range (where the mulmod methods start to require bignum maths vs. Fermat's adds and subs). Having said that Fermat did use some of these improvements himself, and thus didn't exactly use the technique which is presently called "Fermat's method".) Riesel demonstrates an extreme example of these trivial improvements in PNaCMfF, where the a >~12-digit number is split after one step!


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