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3739Re: Prime Fib/Luc

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  • d.broadhurst@open.ac.uk
    Nov 2, 2001
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      Shane Findley wrote

      > Hmmmm... can we find and algorithm ?

      I fear you may be whistling in the wind
      if you hope that the likes of Lucas, Carmichael,
      Lehmer, Brillhart, Montgomery and Silverman
      missed a proof method in the Fib/Luc sector
      comparable to that which exists in the Mersenne sector.

      I'll happily bet one of Hans's mythical Groschen
      (a.k.a. dimes) that Bouk's 21925-digit PrP F(104911)
      has no proof remotely as simple as that for
      the comparably sized 2^86243-1.

      Please bear in mind that Pfgw disposes of the latter
      very quickly, merely by using the triviality of N+1,
      without invoking the more efficient Lucas-Lehmer proof
      of GIMPS.

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