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3112RE: [PrimeNumbers] Prime Gap of 48116

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  • Paul Leyland
    Oct 5, 2001
      > 10^5028-23489
      > yielding a Gap of 48116 (or 48117).

      48117/ln(10^5028) = 4.156+

      > (Don't feel the need to respond to this message,
      > saying that you are excluding me from some
      > elite database, based on some arbitary

      But of course! I am most certainly not excluding you from a database,
      elite or otherwise. I'm excluding this particular data point because it
      doesn't meet my requirements but, if you were submit a gap which does
      meet them, I would be delighted to include you. You are in very good
      company. Many other researchers in the field of computational number
      theory have also been excluded because they didn't meet the
      requirements. That's the nature of the game. I personally have been
      excluded from many such databases becausee I haven't discovered a large
      enough prime, or factored a large enough integer, or whatever.

      > "measure of interest". Surely such a database
      > can have only very limited interest.)

      Milton, as is so often the case, you are entirely correct. Such a
      database is indeed of limited interest. The world's population is
      finite, individuals within it have a finite and rather short life time
      measured in a few decades or so, and it has many other things also to be
      interested in. Therefore, the interest in such a database is
      self-evidently of a very limited nature.

      The database which I'm compiling as a result of prompting by a couple of
      other contributors to this list, is at least of some limited interest to
      a few people. Several people have gone out of their way to contribute
      their achievements to me and several have commented constructively,
      whether favorably or otherwise, on the expression of my ideas and

      Please tell us, purely in the interests of a reasonably objective
      determination of the relative degrees of interest in our two endeavours,
      how much interest and of what nature has been expressed in your
      contributions to the field of discovering large prime gaps.

      All the best,
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