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3097Gapper 1.21 uploaded

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  • jfoug@kdsi.net
    Oct 4, 2001
      I have made some output changes to Gapper.

      1. Gapper was not correctly saving redirected output if ^C was used
      to exit the program. The stdout was simply not being flushed.

      2. I have added some additional informational output messages
      listing what is being looked for.

      3. I list the full expressions upon finding gaps. Before the only
      thing listed was the k values of the b^n+k1 to b^n+k2 expressions.

      4. Upon a ^C I output what the maximal k searched to was (for
      restarting). This also gets output to any redirected file.

      The gapper program (and the CPAPSieve sieve program needed to
      generated gapper's input data) are located in the prime numbers files
      section, within FactoringPrograms\CPAPSieve folder.