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3088Re: ECM strategies

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  • d.broadhurst@open.ac.uk
    Oct 2, 2001
      Andy Steward wrote:

      > anything under 80 digits gets ECM for no more than twice
      > the expected run time for the Quadratic Sieve

      I happened to be short of ECM cycles,
      yet needed to factorize a c89.

      Tomabechi PPSIQS is *very* fast:

      ========================= by SIQS
      #FB 24256
      (f) type 5441 total 24954
      (p) type 78624( p_p 4262, p_p_pp 2688,p_p_p_p_pp_pp 1216)
      (pp) type 309584( pp_pp 2150, pp_pp_pp 1550,others 5210)
      3735771509469623597 = P34 * P56
      P34 = 1737184205497599037608143840215393
      P56 = 35772461632151067850226849026946984091900313166185540429
      cputime 21:47:07:88

      at 1GHz.

      OK, in this case, I might easily have cracked
      it faster by ECM, had the machine been free.

      But who was to tell whether it might be p45*p45?
      Sure is nice to have a method whose timing
      is predictable, up to 90 digits, if not more.


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