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25594Re: primes of the form p=n^2+1 and p=n^2+n+1

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  • bhelmes_1
    Aug 18, 2014
      A peaceful evening for all members of the group,If someone is pleased by prime genarator algorithm concerning quadratic irreducible polynomialsthen he will find some nice descriptions about several algorithms and some resultsconcerning the cyclic polynomial f(n)=n²+1 and f(n)=n²+n+1 up to n=10^12I tried to describe the mathematical background and the algorithms so good as possible for me.Feedback or improvements are welcome.As far as i see there are something about 300 different polynomials which are usefull for prime generators.These polynomials have surely a relationship to the quadratic binary forms.It would be nice to get some more informations whether there is a geometrical explication in this contextor a deeper mathematical explication concerning the different kinds of multiplication structure of these groups.I limit the search for suitable polynomials only to prime generating functions for a kind of algorithms,which might be arbitrary as David mentioned.I am very interesting if someone will find faster algorithms maybe in the complex field which is still an open question.If someone is pleased by the thougt to calculate one or more sequences and has 4 weeks computer time free,help is very welcome.Description and results underDevalco - Einiges über Primzahlen


      I. Primes 6. quadratic sieving algorithms a) and b) especiallyNice greetings from the primesBernhard
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