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25592Re: [PrimeNumbers] Suggested (?) 2-bits per prime storage scheme

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  • James Merickel
    Aug 4, 2014
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      I'm sure this is true, but I'm not imagining their being used by repeated calls to a web source.  They could be saved to disk for repeated use (or the source could sell disks or other storage media near cost).  Web call-ups could be useful in certain limited cases also, as when primes are wanted by their indices (direct calculation being prohibitive).  If stored in the kind of compressed manner suggested or others, the time for download would be cut substantially (In fantasy, if all primes under 10^18 were stored using the suggested compression (which isn't properly a simple compression--requiring determination of candidates by computation, but it should be substantially faster than na├»ve generation of primes), the storage of the largest primes is cut by a factor of 30 from full representation of each prime.

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      Is there any interest in a collaboration to build a truly massive database?
          No. It's faster to generate primes than to download them. A good generator is http://primesieve.org/ for example.
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