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25570Ramanujan Prime chains

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  • John W. Nicholson
    Jun 29, 2014
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      In A168421 there is the following comment:

      For some n and k, we see that a(n) = A104272(k) as to form a chain of primes similar to a Cunningham chain. For example (and the first example), a(2) = 7, links A104272(2) = 11 = a(3), links A104272(3) = 17 = a(4), links A104272(4) = 29 = a(6), links A104272(6) = 47. Note that the links do not have to be of a form like q = 2*p+1 or q = 2*p-1. - John W. Nicholson, Dec 14 2013

      My question is: Does anyone see how to write a program which finds these chains fast? I use Pari/GP so code that would work with it would be great.

      I think this is a bunch of sequences just dieing to be listed. And, there are some ideas in my head about them.
      John W. Nicholson